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Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia (BQSM)

Prior to 1982, BQSM was known as the Board of Surveyors which was set up under the Registration of Surveyors Act of 1967. The said Board of Surveyors was responsible in regulating both the Quantity Surveying and Valuation professions in the country. In 1981, amendments were made to the Registration of Surveyors Act of 1967, and renamed it as "Registration of Quantity Surveyors Act of 1967" and the Board of Surveyors as the "Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia ", also known as Lembaga Juruukur Bahan Malaysia in the national language.

Amendments have been made to the Quantity Surveyors Act and the Quantity Surveying Rules from time to time for further improvement of the statutory provisions in regulating the Quantity Surveying profession.
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